CROCK-POT Creamy Chicken Italiano

This recipe is one that my boss has had for ages. I make it for them about once a week in the autumn/winter, and LOVE eating the left overs the next day.

I don’t have any photos for this recipe, since I’ve never made it at home, but I know the recipe by heart and for any/all meat eaters you’ll LOVE THIS!

What You’ll need:
4 frozen costco chicken breasts (or any frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts.)
Powdered Italian Dressing mix
1 Can of Cream of ANYTHING. Seriously Cream of chicken, mushroom, cheddar, celery… any of it works!
1 8 oz package of Cream cheese (the kind that comes in the box works best.)
1/2 cup water
Crock pot

What you’ll need to do:
Put your chicken (FROZEN) breasts into your crock-pot. Mix together your packet of italian dressing & your 1/2 cup water, pour over chicken. Cover & cook on LOW for 5 hours. This is when I bring the cream cheese out of the fridge & set it on the counter, leave it there until the next step.
Next, once you’ve cooked the chicken for 5 hours, mix together your can of cream of whatever, and the cream cheese. Add the mixture to the crock pot & cook on HIGH for 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours.

Thats it, once it’s done cooking it’s ready to serve. Serve over rice or egg noodles… or whatever your preference. Serve with a nice green veggie and you’ll have an amazing, easy and delicious dinner!



Turning a new leaf.


So for anyone who has been up to date on my life, my sweet beloved glorious Subaru is on her last leg of life, supposedly. She has 230k miles on her. Her head gaskets were replaced in 2010, she had a brand new radiator, all new hoses and plugs, a BRAND spanking new battery and a few other additions. She also, however, has her original 1997 motor, starter and alternator. She has new tires and is in really good condition considering her life-span, which includes a drive clear across the country from her home of Virginia to her new home, Seattle.

That being said, the fantastic EverSoLightly and I are having to do some MAJOR budget cuts to help with the purchase of a new car and payments and such.

So, one of the places we can, and should, and will be cutting back is food! So I’ve developed a hopeful idea. ALL our meals are going to cost us UNDER $10 each. Snacks, will be made if possible, to help save even more money. Today I’m going to try and tackle home-made crackers. But that’ll be later and for a different post.

Recipes I’m hoping to be able to make under $10:

Chili and cornbread
Veggie Stir-Fry, EverSoLightly isn’t a big veggie eater so I’m hoping to put more veggies into our diet.
Tomato soup and grilled cheese, both home made.
Beef Stroganoff
Tuna Casserole
Chicken Enchiladas
and once a month I’ll splurge to make a DELICIOUS meal. This month’s meal (actually it’ll probably be October…) Lamb Stew! Yum!

Do any of you have any recipes you think would work? pass them along! I’ll try them out! 😀



Just a slow day in WA!

9:44am. Little Miss is still asleep. The boys are playing Skylander(?) on the WII. I think we’ll have a SLOW do nothing day today. Probably let the boys play Wii for longer, until some of the neighbor kids come out to play. Both boys cried this AM when they realized the girls were gone. Made me cry. I cried myself to sleep last night. I swear, something must be wrong with me! I just miss them so much!!

This week I have:

Driven to Oregon, Gave hugs to two SUPER TALL girls.

Went to the Beaverton farmer’s Market

Went swimming

Had a b-day party
Drove to Seattle (forever longest drive ever)
Ate Hot-Dogs, let the kids relax and watch TV (Big Time Rush is a strange show, as is Ally and Austin.)
Went to work

Took all 5 kids to the mall
Bought flip flops at old Navy
Came back
Made lunch
Invited Neighbor boy, Jake, over

Took kids to the Lake Washington Waterfront (Kirkland) (6 kids! 1 me!)
Played at lake for a couple hours
Came back, let kids have a water fight
Made snack
Played till work was over
Had Hamburgers and salad for dinner
Watched more TV and relaxed
Went to work,
Took kids to mall (5 kids this time)

Went to the American Girl store

Went to Game-stop
Went to Disney Store, and I bought the girls’ dad a mug for his bday
Had lunch at mall
Came home
Had squirt gun fight and played in sprinkler
Mom came
Had frozen Yogurt
Watched Sharpe’s fantastic adventure or w/e
Watched 1 episode of H2O
Went to work
Drew Happy Birthday Kieran signs

Went to beach again this time 5 kids and my mom!
Had lunch (Potbelly)
went to post office
Went to safeway
Kids played in sprinklers/on slip n slide
Water Gun fight
Tears, goodbyes from all the kids to each other
I took a shower in hopes to gain control of my sadness

Hair braided

Hung out, took photos

Frozen Yogurt

Said final goodbyes, LOTS of crying, Lots of heartache
I had dreams that they came back today and stayed another week. It was really depressing to wake up and realize it was a dream.

I do have to say the first half of this week ROCKED! Can’t wait to see what the rest of summer has in store!


Summer Lovin’

Today was super bittersweet. On one hand I got to go to the beach, and have a BLAST with 5 fab kiddos, and my mom. On the other hand, I had to say goodbye to two bright beautiful fantastic little girls. I cried for at least an hour, and am still teary eyed. No one sitting in my back seat belting out at the top of her lungs and dancing like a mad woman. No one sitting in the passenger seat telling me how awesome her day was. No one to help me manage the kiddos. No one to wake up, and hear “ehhhh” when I pull the blankets off their tootsies. No one to take forever getting ready so we can go to work on time. I’m really truly heart broken. Those girls mean the world to me.

We had such a fun week, and I’m truly heart broken I won’t see them again before they head back home. /pity party. On with adorbs photos.


2 pounds of small cucumbers + Creativity =….

This week the kids and I went to Newcastle Fruit and Produce and after stocking up on $11 (at 3.99 a lb) of Cherries a ton of delicious grapes and some corn on the cob, I wondered over to their discount bin. A bag of a bunch of small cucumbers for $1!!

I didn’t know what to do with the cucumbers, but I thought “hmm I wonder if I could make cucumber bread!”

Turns out its not so popular, but HOLY SMOKES it is DELICIOUS. OMG move over banana and zucchini bread, Cucumber is in town!

You will need:

  • 3 eggs
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 2 cups finelychopped, or grated (I used a garlic press hahaha) cucumbers
  • 1 cup vegetable oil
  • 1-1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1-1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking powder

Beat your eggs in a bowl. Next beat in sugar then cucumbers, oil and vanilla. Blend together.

Now in a separate bowl mix together the remaining ingredients. Then add to cucumber  sugar mixture. Blend together thoroughly.

Bake in a greased bread pan (2) or cupcake tins (I did a loaf of bread AND muffins. ) At 350 Degrees for an hour.

Let cool and ENJOY.

EDIT. Woot. 135th blog post!


WIDLM: Leaving my kitten.

This past weekend we were out of town for a family reunion and to hang out with my nephews. We left Friday night, and returned this evening. I had been house sitting ALL last week, so I haven’t seen her since last Monday. She’s my little baby, and I never intended to go a whole 7 days without seeing her…But here we are.

She heard my car coming down the road and was sitting in my window when I pulled in. I opened my door, and there she was, purring, and loving on me. It’s so wonderful to be re-united with my little baby pluto.

I feel like a horrible kitten mommy for leaving her for a week. For not being there for her, and for not being there for her to snuggle with at night. So for this week’s WIDLM, obviously, not being around my kitten.


My heart is aching

When I was 14 my mom and stepdad notified me that at the end of the school year (8th grade) we were moving from Oregon to Washington. One of my neighborhood friends gave me this adorable little kitten as a gift. She was sooo precious. I remember sitting in a chinese restaurant with my mom and Lou, thinking of names, mom suggested “Ellee” because she’s grey like an ELEphant. She was the cutest little kitten I had seen since…well K.C. (My other cat). We bonded. She always slept with me, under the covers, with my arm around her. If I didn’t let her snuggle up next to me she’d meow and meow and meow until I let her snuggle. She’d follow me everywhere, cry if I didn’t let her into a room I was in, She’d sit on top of the computer monitor when I was doing homework. She’d steal everyone’s attention from our older cat K.C.

the catch with baby Ellee is that when she grew up she started to HATE everyone in the world, except me. She’d hit people, hiss, huff, growl, and bite, everyone except me. She had a temper issue and flat out did not like any men except for my stepdad (and that was probably only because he gave her a treat every morning before work.)

a few months ago my mom called me to let me know that Ellee had a mass growing on her shoulder. She took her in and had it removed….5 weeks later she found more. The vet suggested we remove them because he knew they had been un-reachable during the last surgery. It has been about 5 weeks since that second surgery and Ellee May has 5 mor growths. From the looks of it, it is helpless, we cannot win this battle. My poor baby girl most likely will not live to see her older years. She is only 8 years old and may not even make it to her 9th birhtday. I have been crying on and off in heartache for my little kitten. She was there for me through so much, and I can’t be there for her when she needs the extra love. I haven’t been able to get the full bad news from my mom (I had to leave Ellee May and K.C. in my moms care when I graduated because my living arrangements didn’t permit cats. I can’t help but feel sooooooo guilty that I chose Archie over Ellee when we could finally have a pet. Mitchell has gone out of his way to explain that Archie was his decision, his purchase and techinally his pet, so I didn’t ever choose little Archimedes over my beautiful Ellee May. I hurt not knowing what the future holds for her, will she be in pain? Will it cause her to have problems walking? Will it take her before I can see her and say goodbye? I just can’t, and don’t want to have to imagine or deal with life without my vicious yet sweet baby. I love you Ellee.