Review: Julep Maven

My last post I reviewed ipsy. Today, I’ll be reviewing Julep Maven, the subscription service from Julep. As some of you may remember from my first Julep post, I was kind of dreading the customer service standpoint from Julep. I had heard horror stories on the beauty box group I’m a member of… I was not looking forward to having problems with the polish, or my monthly box.

I felt a little bit of pressure to actually LIKE Julep because Mitchell’s family knows someone who works at their Seattle office. I felt like if I didn’t like their products, then I’d be causing more problems for myself than I needed. This caused me to be apprehensive about the subscription box. I never would have imagined I’d fall in love with not only their polish, but their makeup!

The first few days, I did have some issues with the polish. After some stressful posts online, a friend of mine mentioned I needed a bonding base coat. This literally solved all my problems.

Their polish quality has gone up a LOT over the two years I’d been getting them from Mitchell’s family. I love every one of my Julep polishes.

I didn’t get make-up until a few months into the subscription service, and my oh my do I love their products. Their gel eye liners are my absolute favorite– I have to say though, Navy Smoke seems to be my top favorite. I never could have imagined loving them enough to get one in EVERY color they offer.

One month, I got their Konjac Sponge in my box. After tons of research I noticed a lot of people telling me that their sponges are over priced and not worth your money. I ordered a second one off amazon for myself and gave the Julep one to Mitchell. Big mistake. The Julep Konjac sponges are more than worth their current cost (they’re on sale for $9.60 and they usually go for $12) It’s lasted much longer and does a better job.

Overall review:
Julep has never gotten my order wrong, and has wonderful products. I will be keeping this subscription as long as I can afford to! 🙂 I love that I can edit and customize my box, so if I want only polishes one month, great! If I want only make-up, done! They really do a great job with all their products!