Julep Fuchsia Fizzy Mystery Box

I’m VERY late posting this, please forgive me. Life has been very hectic, and I’ve been very forgetful. It wasn’t until the September Julep Maven box showed up today that I realized I forgot to post this!

I’ve been pretty good about not giving in to the wonderful mystery boxes the Julep offers…But this time I couldn’t resist. Not sure why, but I just couldn’t.



This box came with 4 polishes (5 because I ordered an extra polish, Alexa, it’s the light purple one.) Lock down your brows and the Beach Tonic dry body oil and nail decals.


The colors that came in the box: Connie, Jenny (Favorite!!) Mariska, and Trisha.

I have not even opened the Lock down your brows, but I hear it’s good to help keep them in place or help them grow–both problems I don’t experience yet in life. The Body Oil, is a great item, but malfunctions easily. I e-mailed Julep and a replacement is on it’s way— but reviews say that ALL their bottles have issues with the sprayer.

This box was 100% worth the money. Don’t believe me. I’ve done a price break down below:

Connie: $14 for non Maven and $11.20 for Maven

Jenny: $14 for non Maven and $11.20 for Maven

Mariska: $14 for non Maven and $11.20 for Maven

Trisha: $14 for non Maven and $11.20 for Maven

Body Oil: $23 for non Maven and $18.40 for Maven

Lock Down your Bows: $22 for non Maven and $17.60 for Maven

Total: $101 for non maven and $80.80 for Maven
The box costs just $24.99 (plus tax) which is a steal of a deal if you ask me!


Julep Maven July 2015

My July Maven box came today. Our mailman truly truly sucks at his job. I found it right where he THREW it. I was quite upset, I suspect I’ll be going in to file a complaint tomorrow seeing as he’s treated the last 7 packages like they’re complete garbage and he’s too lazy to take them to our door. He just throws them everywhere. It’s really quite upsetting. Several times he’s delivered them to complete strangers that don’t even live in our building. There are a few items that never showed up either.


ANYWAY. It came today! Here is what I got:


They were having a sale, so I ordered the Konjac sponge extra, and I’ll probably order a second one so Mitchell and I can have our own. I’ve heard great things about them, and I’m anxious to try it! For anyone wondering, it’s an exfoliating sponge that you use to wash your face. Here is more info on it. Lauren, they sell them on amazon, and I’m told they’re wonderful, and might help with any oil/acne/blemish/other skin problems people may have.


My nail colors were Shari and Poppy. I meant to swap Poppy out, but I completely forgot. It’s not really a color that looks good on my skin, so I’m not sure if I’ll keep it or give it as a gift to someone. Or swap it on the Beauty Exchange.



I also got their cuticle cream, called “your cuticles look thirsty.” — Smells amazing, I love it already!



Finally, I got their brightening nail treatment. Which I intended to swap out… but didn’t — it’s okay though I’m sure I’ll still use this one!



June Julep Maven

June Julep Maven arrived today! (June 2nd!) I didn’t check this month’s box at all before it shipped so it was pretty much a surprise. I do have to say, that either my mailman (most likely he’s really terrible with this kind of thing) threw it up to our door from the bottom of the stairs, or someone tampered with it. Luckily, everything seemed to be in there, so thats good!


I do have to say… It seems like the packaging is getting sloppier each time.. Oh well.


The usual papers…


The inside of this month’s box… Sorry my photos are sideways, I forgot to put them in photoshop first!


I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about the loli-pops! I loved these as a kid!! I’ve already had one! Notice how Kitten was excited too? 😀


First thing I pulled out was the Luxe up your lips, the tinted conditioning lip treatment. “Blushing Rose” color. Over the weekend, we went to a fashion show at SPU, and in the swag bags, Julep included lip gloss and an eye glider, so I was kinda bummed to see I got what looked like a lip gloss in my maven box this month… However…


Once I opened it, and tried it, it is much better than I could have thought. It has little bead-like things in it, that remind me of me of the Mary Kay Satin lips lip-mask. I’m guessing that’s because they exfoliate your lips! Either way so far I love it!


The colors of polish I got this month were Isabela and Manda. They’re both really pretty and I’m going to make a point to try both of them before I pick a favorite :).


All 3 products