Julep Maven. Spring Welcome Box.


This past christmas, my sister (for all intents and purposes) came to our annual murder mystery party. She came early and helped us prep. A few minutes beforehand we all got dressed and ready for the party. While she was getting ready she pulled out a TON of make-up and such. She mentioned that she had subscribed to ipsy. Told me how much she loved it and that I should try it.

Over the past few years, Mitchell’s family has given me several Julep nail polishes (they know someone who works at julep, so they’re huge fans.) I’ve enjoyed my polishes they’ve given me, but a lot of them were seasonal or small enough they won’t last very long.


So this past month, I cancelled a few monthly subscriptions and freed up some extra funds. For Christmas one of my friends paid for my first month of ipsy and another paid for my first Maven subscription. So I’m officially a subscriber of Julep and ipsy.

I got my first ipsy a couple weeks ago, and have already opened and used everything so I’m not going to talk about that… but I got my Julep welcome box yesterday so I thought I’d share it! It’s pretty cute, and I’m really excited to try the colors!


One thing I’m a little worried about, is if/when the time comes to cancel Maven… I hear its awful, and many times Julep doesn’t cancel, and will continually charge your card after you’ve called and cancelled on several occasions… but I’ll deal (and gladly blog) about that later. For now, I’m oooohhh-ing and awwww-ing over the new polishes and lipgloss I got!







In the bottle the lip gloss looks like it’ll be too pink… but it’s actually PERFECT. It’s very light and I’m quite pleased with it!

All in all I’m really looking forward to April’s Maven box :).