If you’re fighting, mom’s got some salsa in the kitchen…

This weekend EverSoLightly and I decided to try something crafty. We started with the idea of melting some crayons on canvas. Our first one, we started with the idea of turning it into flowers, but it didn’t work as planned, so we improvised. We then each and our own creations. I melted mine like the first one, and Mitchell decided to melt his crayons and paint them with a paint brush (Clever!) Here are some photos of how our paintings/crayon art turned out:

Then, this morning, I decided to try my creativity a little more. I created door signs, and a little friendly artwork for the kids’ rooms. I’m really pleased with how they came out, they’re not fully finished yet, I have two more to make, but I thought I’d share the ones I made today. Drew and Kieran got to pick what went on theirs, and the Winnie the Pooh quote is for Drew’s side of the room. The remainder of that quote will be finished and placed on another piece of canvas. The Cinderella quote is for Sarah’s room.