My 2015 bucket list

Mitchell and I have always had these lists of things we want to accomplish each year but by the end of the year or the following of the year we always go “Dang it! We didn’t do _____!” So this year I thought I’d type up a list of things we hope to accomplish this year! It’ll be edited as we come up with more, and as we accomplish things on the list.

  1. Rattlesnake Lake
  2. Hike Rattlesnake Ridge
  3. Hike Little Si
  4. Visit Deception Pass
  5. Visit Alki Beach more than once
  6. Camp at least 3xs
  7. Go fishing with Tim
  8. Visit the coast
  9. Visit the rainforest 
  10. Go to the Oregon Coast
  11. Visit Woodland Park Zoo
  12. Visit Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium
  13. Go to the Pacific Science Center
  14. Ride the Seattle Great Wheel
  15. Spend more than one day on Lake Washington
  16. Visit Canada
  17. I would like to Visit Allyson and Justin in AZ or Lauren and Gene in Colorado
  18. Spend a weekend on the Columbia River (The Washington side)
  19. Hike Mailbox Peak
  20. Go on a road-trip
  21. Have friends over for a BBQ

102 things….

102 things I’d like to do before I die:
this = completed
this = in progress

1. Be loved and love them in return
2. visit Europe, Asia, Ireland, Israel, New Zealand, Australia
3. Visit every state at least once (been to most)
4. Graduate college
5. Take my mom on a vacation
6. Take each one of my nieces and nephews on a vacation
7. Adopt a child, an older one
8. Get married

9. Have my brother marry me
10. Join a gym
11. Treat myself to something expensive
12. Donate blood
13. set aside money from each payday to give to a new charity each year
14. Learn a NEW language
15. Brush up on my Japanese
16. Write a book
17. Meet more people
18. Pick up a new sport
19. Get a real camera
20. Learn how to develop my own photos
21. Join a community service team
22. Take one day a month to myself, go shopping, to the movies or out for food
23. Be more open to meeting new people
24. Go out on a date with someone I don’t know
25. Love everyone in my life and those I encounter
26. Learn how to trust
27. sky dive
28. go white water rafting
29. Get my teeth fixed
30. Make a better effort to be in my other brother’s lives
31. Move out of my comfort zone
32. Buy myself fancier clothes

33. Go on a cruise
34. Go snorkeling
35. Enjoy the time I have
36. Grow my hair out

37. Go back to being blonde
38. Take care of my mother
39. Learn how to cook

40. Go see a psychiatrist
41. Stop swearing
42. Gain more confidence in myself
43. Volunteer somewhere
44. Smile more

45. Eat healthier
46. Help my mother pay her bills
47. Read at least one book a month
48. Learn to dance
49. Watch old films
50. Listen to new types of music
51. Write an article for a newspaper
52. Design an album cover
53. Design my own clothing line for JUST my friends
54. Get a pedicure
55. Get a massage
56. Be more open
57. Help someone whenever possible
58. Be more open to physical activity (hiking, bike riding, swimming, canoeing… those kinds of things)
59. Have a cat and a dog
60. Eat at an expensive restaurant
61. Go to vegas now that I’m 21
62. Try an alcoholic drink
63. Learn how to fly a small plane/helicopter
64. Learn how to sew
65. Learn how to change the oil in a car
66. Learn how to play the guitar

67. Shoot a gun
68. Start my own business
69. Make an effort to see my best friend at least once a year
70. Learn how to be less bossy
71. Ask a guy out on a date, and pay
<72. Write Thank You’s and Christmas Cards
73. Wear make-up
74. Get pro-active (or at least try it)
75. Get myself an iPod (Mitchell did, Christmas 08)
76. Connect with someone on a new level
77. Experience things I’d normally be afraid of
78. Try and face my anxiety issues
79. Date someone for at least a year before THINKING about getting married
80. Apologize when I’m wrong
81. Get contacts

82. test drive a sports car
83. go an entire day without talking
84. collect something
85. Support myself
86. Try something new each month
87. Learn to trust someone
88. Find a reason to laugh every day

89. Buy flowers for a friend in need

90. Own my own pearls
91. Own my own car
92. Forgive those that have hurt me
93. sit through an entire TV show without pausing, rewinding or fast forwarding once a week
94. Remind those closest to me that I love them

95. Start a family
96. Take my family on vacations
97. Educate my children on life, not shelter them
98. Help single parent families
99. Start a class that teaches young women/teen girls how to handle relationships
100. Take a self defense class
101. Go to more shows

102. enjoy my life to the fullest