Review: ipsy.

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Well, here it is! The long awaited review of the beauty boxes I’m subscribed to! I’ve been getting both ipsy and Julep Maven beauty boxes for about 6 months now, and I think I have a pretty good feel on both.

Lets start with ipsy!

I was really excited to start ipsy. So many people I know get it, and raved about their monthly glambag. My first month was a little disappointing, but wasn’t too bad. It didn’t kill my excitement. As months wore on, I found myself re-taking the ipsy quiz and removing things from my preferences. I still have yet to be amazed or in love with ANYTHING from ipsy. Last month (July) I didn’t even get everything in my bag, and when I wrote them in, they said they’d fix their error… and only sent me 2 items. This month, I got a bag, with the tiniest lipstick ever and that was it. It was THE most disappointing waste of my money. Yes, I could contact their customer service, but after only getting part of my glambag last month, I’m not interested in contacting them and waiting two weeks to see if they actually got it correct. I’m on the verge of cancelling ipsy. September may be my last month. The Sephora subscription box cannot start soon enough!

The rewards points from ipsy are pointless. You get very few, and have to post all your quizes and information to facebook. It’s a cheap way for them to advertise, yet they only let so many people join and have a wait-list. They want me to invite friends, but my friends have to post a bunch of spam to facebook to even get taken off the wait-list. I have found their rewards points to be pointless and frustrating, seeing as they expire before you can rack up enough to get a free glambag.

up next: Julep Maven.


May IPSY – Sorry it’s so late!

So my May Ipsy came a while back (it’s June.. sorry!) I just got too busy I guess. This was my least favorite month. I do not use, or enjoy most of these products. I’m slightly disappointed in it.


My May Ipsy came with Nuxe Reve de miel, It says it’s a face cleansing and makeup removing gel… however my somewhat sensitive skin it is too oily and just makes my skin feel gross.


I also got the Urban Decay 27/7 glide on lip pencil with bonus lip gloss. These colors are fun but not quite right for my skintone, the purple made it look like I was suffering from hypothermia haha. My lip pencil came in the mail broken, and IPSY mailed me out a replacement, which was nice!


Next was the Chella Eyebrow color pencil. I don’t use brow pencils but If I did, I think this one would be pretty accurate for my brows!


IMG_8020_2Next up was the Balanced Guru Style Me hair oil. This was by far the worst product I got. It is heavy and greasy and it makes your hair look terribly dirty. I have incredibly frizzy hair, so I’m really use to hair oils… but I won’t be using this one ever again.


Last isJesse’s Girl pure pigment eye dust. It’s a brown, I haven’t used it but I’m sure it’s fine 🙂