Sephora Play!

Are you ready for this month’s Sephora, PLAY! subscription? Here’s what I got! I’ve put descriptions of each photo in the captions of the photos, because I’m short on time today. I promise a better post next month!


Opening the box!


This month’s bag!


A photo of all the items


TARTE TARTEGUARD 30 SPF SUNSCREEN: You can never be too careful!


BECCA BACKLIGHT PRIMING FILTER: I don’t use primers, but I’m interested to see how it works for me!




TOCCA BEAUTY FLORENCE: I’m disappointed in the size of the purfume samples, as you can get these free inside any Sephora…


BAREMINERALS bareSkin bronzer: I’m not a bronzer type person, but the paper that came with the box has me intrigued and I will be trying it this time!


Bumble and Bumble don’t blow it: SUPER excited to try this – as It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, in regards to my hair!


Sephora Play!

Last year, about the time I started having issues with my IPSY subscription, and started considering cancelling it (which I did do, last August.) Sephora announced their very own subscription service! I was super excited, and put my name on the waitlist immediately.

I got an email about a month (maybe more) ago that Sephora’s subscription service is now available in our area!

This post is about my very first box from Sephora Play!

Disclaimer: I am not paid or sponsored by any of the companies listed in this post. This is just a review/un-boxing for entertainment purposes only!

Lets jump into the unboxing! The box itself is super cute!


As you can tell – I obviously blurred out my address and such. When you first open the box you’re greeted with box/Sephora related paperwork.


Each month has a theme, and this mont’s theme is the forces of nature. It also includes an in-store bonus. This is the Play pass, which if you bring it into the store you get an extra 50 beauty insider points, with any purchase. Which is pretty cool — though I’m not sure what the points are for at this moment.

A booklet with each product, and an explanation is also included. I’ve included a photo of this months below.


Now lets get to the good stuff!

Not pictured: Tarte lip crayon.


how cute is the bag that it came with? I love it!


Each box comes with a fragrance, this month was Orange Sanguine. It came with a super cute postcard!


Also in my box was Amuse Bouche in Kimchi by Bite Beauty. I have pretty fair skin, but it has a rosy tone to it, and lip colors are usually pretty tricky for me — but I think this one is pretty cute!



My box also had Origins Maskimizer + drink up & clear improvement masks. I’m pretty excited to try these out!


This month’s box was big on skincare – which is okay with me! It also had Korres Wild Rose sleeping facial. Which I’m not sure how I’ll feel about that, as I can’t usually sleep with scented things because I always wake up with a sore throat…


Finally, Briogeo don’t despair, repair! Deep conditioning mask… for your hair of course! as someone who struggles with her hair, I’m super excited for this too!


Month #1 down, and so far even better than Ipsy was. For $10 I’d say this is by far better than ipsy… but I can’t be certain until I’ve had it a couple months 😉

Do you have a favorite subscription service? Do you like reading this? Let me know! I still get Julep – but stopped posting because life got busy. I know I gained many more readers once I started posting these, so I’d be interested in knowing if anyone is still interested!


Julep Fuchsia Fizzy Mystery Box

I’m VERY late posting this, please forgive me. Life has been very hectic, and I’ve been very forgetful. It wasn’t until the September Julep Maven box showed up today that I realized I forgot to post this!

I’ve been pretty good about not giving in to the wonderful mystery boxes the Julep offers…But this time I couldn’t resist. Not sure why, but I just couldn’t.



This box came with 4 polishes (5 because I ordered an extra polish, Alexa, it’s the light purple one.) Lock down your brows and the Beach Tonic dry body oil and nail decals.


The colors that came in the box: Connie, Jenny (Favorite!!) Mariska, and Trisha.

I have not even opened the Lock down your brows, but I hear it’s good to help keep them in place or help them grow–both problems I don’t experience yet in life. The Body Oil, is a great item, but malfunctions easily. I e-mailed Julep and a replacement is on it’s way— but reviews say that ALL their bottles have issues with the sprayer.

This box was 100% worth the money. Don’t believe me. I’ve done a price break down below:

Connie: $14 for non Maven and $11.20 for Maven

Jenny: $14 for non Maven and $11.20 for Maven

Mariska: $14 for non Maven and $11.20 for Maven

Trisha: $14 for non Maven and $11.20 for Maven

Body Oil: $23 for non Maven and $18.40 for Maven

Lock Down your Bows: $22 for non Maven and $17.60 for Maven

Total: $101 for non maven and $80.80 for Maven
The box costs just $24.99 (plus tax) which is a steal of a deal if you ask me!


August Julep Maven unboxing!

My August Maven came today! I’m still waiting for my July Ipsy… even though they conveniently took my money for August already… Julep is pulling ahead for my favorite company so far. I plan on posting a review blog soon. So watch out for that! I do want to state, that it’s my birthday month (my birthday was Aug 2nd) and I wish that Julep and/or Ipsy had recognized that.

Without further adieu, here is my August (Birthday month!) Maven!





No candy this month, but they provided nail decals, and their new “Brave Pretty is..” note card, where you write in your answer and then post it online. IMG_0844

I must admit I’m guilty of completely editing my box 100% this month. That’s the greatest thing about Julep subscription boxes… you can customize them!! Nothing too fancy this month, Oxygen nail treatment, and eye-glider. My Sister, got me hooked on their eye gliders. Sorry Mary-Kay… but these babies are GLORIOUS! I now own almost all the colors! 🙂 I ordered the Oxygen nail treatment because after I had an (awful) experience with jamberry several months ago, it left my nails damaged and they just haven’t been the same…so after reading this blog, I’ve decided to give it a shot!


My first lipstick as an adult! I love it, and it’s the perfect color for my fair skin. It’s called “Twirl”

IMG_0846The lipstick swatch on my skin.


June IPSY!

My June IPSY came today! I’ve been really excited because it came with a super cute and fun eyeliner! I have to say this was the best month thus far! I’m really pleased with what came!


I was happy it was the only thing that came in the mail today! Nothing better than fun mail! As you can see it came already opened but nothing was missing or damaged so I’m not too worried about it.


LOVE the zipper to the bag for this month! So fun and colorful!


So excited for all the items this month!


First up, Pure Vanilla scented “The Healthy Body Butter” I’ve already used this, and LOVE it. The smell is light, and the lotion itself is light and great on my sensitive skin!


Next, Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. Not sure I’ll ever need this, I use Mary Kay CC Cream and LOVE it.


Next, treStique crayon shadow. I tested this on my hand and LOVE it. Even though it’s boring brown (I have so many brown shadows I don’t know what to do with them!)  It’s really smooth and blends well. I’m excited to really try it out!


Next… My favorite! Ofra eyeliner. Look at that color! My iphone doesn’t do justice to the color, it’s a beautiful teal and I can’t wait for an excuse to wear it!


Finally.. The worlds smallest nail-polish. This photo did a cruddy job. It’s a coral pink and it’s so perfect for me, but it’s so tiny it’s probably only good for one use 😦


May IPSY – Sorry it’s so late!

So my May Ipsy came a while back (it’s June.. sorry!) I just got too busy I guess. This was my least favorite month. I do not use, or enjoy most of these products. I’m slightly disappointed in it.


My May Ipsy came with Nuxe Reve de miel, It says it’s a face cleansing and makeup removing gel… however my somewhat sensitive skin it is too oily and just makes my skin feel gross.


I also got the Urban Decay 27/7 glide on lip pencil with bonus lip gloss. These colors are fun but not quite right for my skintone, the purple made it look like I was suffering from hypothermia haha. My lip pencil came in the mail broken, and IPSY mailed me out a replacement, which was nice!


Next was the Chella Eyebrow color pencil. I don’t use brow pencils but If I did, I think this one would be pretty accurate for my brows!


IMG_8020_2Next up was the Balanced Guru Style Me hair oil. This was by far the worst product I got. It is heavy and greasy and it makes your hair look terribly dirty. I have incredibly frizzy hair, so I’m really use to hair oils… but I won’t be using this one ever again.


Last isJesse’s Girl pure pigment eye dust. It’s a brown, I haven’t used it but I’m sure it’s fine 🙂



My April ipsy showed up today! So here is the post I promised after getting my Julep Maven box.


So today my April ipsy bag came… I knew what was going to be in it ahead of time because they give you a sneak peak. Before I go into my personal opinion/thoughts on the bag, heres a photo of everything together.


Starting with the Jor’el Parker Femina perfume. It smells nice, it isn’t by any means a bad smell… but it does have a hint of “old lady” to it… which is a little off-putting… but I could totally (and probably will) wear it to the next fancy outing we have.


Next up, Hey Honey. I am MOST excited about this. I am really faithful to my MaryKay lotion but I love products made with honey/beeswax. (Hello Burts Bees!) So I’m really excited to see how this works for my skin!


Next up is Hikari blush. I do not, have not and probably will not ever use blush. If you’ve ever seen any photos of me, I have naturally rosy cheeks… always have. I was going to trade it with someone online — but the box came with this nasty residue on it so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do that.

IMG_7430 IMG_7432

Next is the Nude Dude eyeshadow – Fit. I have so many brown eye shadows, I know I typically were natural looking make-up… but the reason I signed up for ipsy was to step outside my comfort zone… but I won’t complain over a new shadow 😀


Finally is the lip gloss. I’m not sure how I feel about this particular color, but I’m curious to try it and see how it works. Mitchell said he liked it, but we’ll see how it looks on me, hopefully I’ll remember and I can post a photo whenever that happens. 😀