I will always need my Mamma.

It’s no secret that I’m the youngest in my family. 3 older brothers (2 of which I hardly see) and an older sister. Closest sibling in age, is 10 years older than me. My dad was mostly non-existant and is now completely non-existant. Most of my life has been spent just me and my mom. Even when Lou was around, we still spent most of our time together.



I’ll always have a special bond with my mom. She’s wonderful. The greatest mom ever. I really don’t know what I’d ever do without her.

She came to visit this weekend, arrived on Thursday and left today. We watched movies, ate delicious food, went to the mall, ate even more delicious food, took a fantastic walk with EverSoLightly at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens… We went to Target, we basically had a wonderful weekend. As I sit here on my couch eating some yummy leftover Brie, Bread and Fig “Compote” I can’t help but miss her so much! I miss sharing the couch with her, I miss her commentary, I miss her talking through the movie or show and then asking to re-wind it. I miss my mommy!

Photos from this weekend: (All photos taken with my iPhone 4s. Some of the photos quality is a bit dodgy haha.)

All photos were taken by me, as silly as it sounds, please do NOT use them on your own site, facebook, tumblr, pinterest, instagram, google+, blog, myspace, ANYWHERE without asking. If you like the flowers, the Bellevue Botanical Gardens are free to everyone, and are located in Downtown Bellevue Washington.



Miz Fixit? YES!

My fantastic loving mother came to visit this weekend, and it was FANTASTIC! We got to spend time with my Aunt Lori who lives in the area, AND we made a super CUTE cover for my super hideous chair…we put a new shower head in my shower, hung up a new towel rack, AND fixed the handles on my closet door…as well as bonded, watched her favorite tv show, ate delicious food, and I sent her home with all new bedding. Photos below, I just ADORE her.

We also took my mom to our favorite beach, and to our favorite Sandwich shop!

My mom forgot the pedal to her sewing machine and we didn’t get to finish the cover for the cushion but this is the chair so far! Cute eh?