Wedding Photos!

I know in my last post I said I’d be sharing how we built out photobooth, and some of the other pieces for our wedding. I promise those are still in the works and will be finished soon. Until then, we received all of our wedding photos! I am so amazed by how beautiful they are. Our photographer, Anna Morrison, did such an amazing job capturing us and our loved ones!

There are so many beautiful gems, but I’m just going to share a few of our favorites.


Saturday and Sunday!


Yesterday Mitchell had to work. He’s a photographer’s assistant, he works for [REDACTED] So I spent the day at home cleaning and hanging out with Kitten. After work we went out to dinner with Mitchell’s [REDACTED] We went to Tokyo in Factoria, so the photo above represents one of the greatest parts about eating at Tokyo… Coffee jello!


Today we went over and spent time with Mitchell’s [REDACTED] again. We sat enjoyed some tea and caught up with his [REDACTED]. I made grilled cheese sandwiches for us, and we ended the night watching Gilmore Girls. It was a pretty nice and relaxing end to our weekend. 🙂


“Jump balls?! I love jump balls!”

I feel like all I do is work work work work work, and before anyone comments about that being life as an adult or anything remotely along those lines, I know. That doesn’t change how I feel though. Working 12 hour shifts, followed by 10 hour shifts = not fun. Yesterday I worked from 8:30 to 7:30, Today 8:30 – 8:30 tomorrow 8:30 – 7:30. I feel like I don’t ever get to go on a real vacation. Yes, last weekend we went to Oregon, to say goodbye to Ellee May ( 😦 I’m still not ready to let go of her.) and to see family of course. But that’s not a real vacation. Not a real break. I doubt one will happen anytime soon. Especially once school starts back up. I LOVE my job, I love just about everything dealing with what I do, but that doesn’t change how I feel. sometimes I feel over-worked, and stressed. This week is one of those weeks. little to no breaks or days off, and the time I do have off theres no one to hang out with or do anything with 😦

I’ll get over it. I always do.

P.S. Title = a Quote from my youngest nephew last weekend at a basketball game hahahaha oh man. Oh also, that same little boy (he’s not so little now though) took this photo!

EDIT: After posting this entry, wordpress sent me the following video:

It was a nice surprise!