Flowers, beautiful flowers everywhere!


Last Friday I went to Costco and picked up a few necessities… and in the process the little girl I nanny spied the beautiful flowers, so we picked up a bouquet. The tulips above. I always forget how beautiful tulips are, and I think I might try and keep a vase full of flowers in the house this spring because boy do they make me happy. Don’t you love them? They just started opening up, so I thought today was the perfect day to snap a photo of them. Bonus, a photo of EverSoLightly and I bottom right


I flooped… today you get two photos again… haha… oh well. Today I came home and EverSoLightly brought home a bouquet of flowers for me! How sweet! I love them, and they’re very pretty! I love all the flowers in our home right now! 🙂 Do you have a favorite flower? 😀 The white roses remind me of the bouquet he bought me last year before I left for my mom’s surgery. I think thats what makes them the most special.

bonus photo, the bouquet that I got last year…


Lazy sunday evening…


Today, for the first time since OCTOBER, our friend Thomas came over to hang out. I took a few photos so there is more than just ONE but hey, better than none, right? The photo above is him playing on the WiiU. He’s very amused. I like that I snagged a photo of his smile. It was nice having him here because he is one of the many people that loved Archie too… though we didn’t talk about him at all… like I said earlier, he’s a depressing subject in our lives.


The photo above is of Kitten sitting on Mitchell’s lap… she has been a little strange the past few days, occasionally I’ll find her looking in Archie’s cage for him… It breaks my heart.


The photo above is, well, immature… but so very funny and goes well with having Thomas over… He’s bigger butts and I’m butts… I don’t know. It seems weird now haha


Thankful November

I’m hoping to post at least once a day from now until Thanksgiving (the end of the month if I can manage it.) So here is my first post 🙂

Today, I’m thankful for this sweet blonde haired blued eyed little girl. She is a huge ball of energy. I’ve watched this princess go from a tiny itty bitty baby to a bright sweet ball of excitement. I cannot even begin to tell you just how wonderful this little girl is. Spending 5 days a week with her for the entire span of her little life so far has been amazing. I truly am blessed her family picked me to watch her grow with them.

I’ll always cherish being able to watch her grow and sing songs with her. As she grows I’ll always be able to look back and smile at the days when she’d sing “We ya ya” and “I wuv yoo” I’ll never forget the year she was a peacock for halloween (photo above, with the help of my friend, we made it.) The first year she went trick or treating and every time someone complimented her she’d say “FANK YOU, SO ARE YOU!” and “I’M CUTE!” I just adore this little girl, and I’m blessed to know she adores me just the same 🙂



I will always need my Mamma.

It’s no secret that I’m the youngest in my family. 3 older brothers (2 of which I hardly see) and an older sister. Closest sibling in age, is 10 years older than me. My dad was mostly non-existant and is now completely non-existant. Most of my life has been spent just me and my mom. Even when Lou was around, we still spent most of our time together.



I’ll always have a special bond with my mom. She’s wonderful. The greatest mom ever. I really don’t know what I’d ever do without her.

She came to visit this weekend, arrived on Thursday and left today. We watched movies, ate delicious food, went to the mall, ate even more delicious food, took a fantastic walk with EverSoLightly at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens… We went to Target, we basically had a wonderful weekend. As I sit here on my couch eating some yummy leftover Brie, Bread and Fig “Compote” I can’t help but miss her so much! I miss sharing the couch with her, I miss her commentary, I miss her talking through the movie or show and then asking to re-wind it. I miss my mommy!

Photos from this weekend: (All photos taken with my iPhone 4s. Some of the photos quality is a bit dodgy haha.)

All photos were taken by me, as silly as it sounds, please do NOT use them on your own site, facebook, tumblr, pinterest, instagram, google+, blog, myspace, ANYWHERE without asking. If you like the flowers, the Bellevue Botanical Gardens are free to everyone, and are located in Downtown Bellevue Washington.



Just a slow day in WA!

9:44am. Little Miss is still asleep. The boys are playing Skylander(?) on the WII. I think we’ll have a SLOW do nothing day today. Probably let the boys play Wii for longer, until some of the neighbor kids come out to play. Both boys cried this AM when they realized the girls were gone. Made me cry. I cried myself to sleep last night. I swear, something must be wrong with me! I just miss them so much!!

This week I have:

Driven to Oregon, Gave hugs to two SUPER TALL girls.

Went to the Beaverton farmer’s Market

Went swimming

Had a b-day party
Drove to Seattle (forever longest drive ever)
Ate Hot-Dogs, let the kids relax and watch TV (Big Time Rush is a strange show, as is Ally and Austin.)
Went to work

Took all 5 kids to the mall
Bought flip flops at old Navy
Came back
Made lunch
Invited Neighbor boy, Jake, over

Took kids to the Lake Washington Waterfront (Kirkland) (6 kids! 1 me!)
Played at lake for a couple hours
Came back, let kids have a water fight
Made snack
Played till work was over
Had Hamburgers and salad for dinner
Watched more TV and relaxed
Went to work,
Took kids to mall (5 kids this time)

Went to the American Girl store

Went to Game-stop
Went to Disney Store, and I bought the girls’ dad a mug for his bday
Had lunch at mall
Came home
Had squirt gun fight and played in sprinkler
Mom came
Had frozen Yogurt
Watched Sharpe’s fantastic adventure or w/e
Watched 1 episode of H2O
Went to work
Drew Happy Birthday Kieran signs

Went to beach again this time 5 kids and my mom!
Had lunch (Potbelly)
went to post office
Went to safeway
Kids played in sprinklers/on slip n slide
Water Gun fight
Tears, goodbyes from all the kids to each other
I took a shower in hopes to gain control of my sadness

Hair braided

Hung out, took photos

Frozen Yogurt

Said final goodbyes, LOTS of crying, Lots of heartache
I had dreams that they came back today and stayed another week. It was really depressing to wake up and realize it was a dream.

I do have to say the first half of this week ROCKED! Can’t wait to see what the rest of summer has in store!


Boop, boop, boop…boop…boop…beeep….boop…

The noises of 5 children is something else. Especially when they’re 5 children that you have watched grow up over the past 13 (HOLY SMOKES 13???) years!

The sounds they makein the morning, while you’re sleeping…is a whole different story.

“I waaaaaant a turn!”

When you reach a certain volume level you can’t simply use the technique that I use at work, the very quiet “inside voices please” doesn’t work with 5 kids all yelling at one another. I tried it though, and the oldest of all of them looked me in the face and gave me a look, more like a “ugh my aunt is ruining the fun.” 5 minutes later they’re back at it again.

That time I chose the “QUIET!” 4 of the 5 children hid from me. The oldest once again gave me a look that said “ugh.” I saw a much taller head pop up from behind him with a “oops” look. I hear “I’m sorry” to wich I respond, “No. TWO of you are 13 years old, and you ALL heard me ask you to keep it down, 3 people are still trying to sleep in this house,  and you need to be respectful to them!”

After 13 years you’d think those blank sad looks on their faces, the ones that say “oh no, the cool aunt is yelling at me” wouldn’t break my heart, buuuut I assure you, it always wants to make me curl up into a ball and cry. (I don’t though, and I think I’m pretty dang good at not letting them know I’m secretly super sad I had to yell at them.)

Of course 10 minutes later they’re back to yelling at each other, so really asking them to be quiet didn’t do me any good, just made me sad haha.

We drove from Portland to Seattle today. Which took a little over 5 hours. Normally it’s about 3 3-1/2 but not today. We passed time by playing “Punch Buggie” or “Slug Bug” game. EverSoLightly and I have one that is on going since Memorial day, even at work, we send each other picture texts that say “Punch Buggie ____” Once the punch Buggies were scarce we started the “Campering” game. Added in some “Mustangs” as well as some “Cucumbers” or “Mini-Coopers” and finally tossed in some “Banana Slugs.” It kept the car ride interesting!

We came home ate hot dogs, went to the store, and are now happily watching the Disney Channel, and debating Popsicles!

To anyone who is my friend on the + all photos are uploaded there. 🙂


“Jump balls?! I love jump balls!”

I feel like all I do is work work work work work, and before anyone comments about that being life as an adult or anything remotely along those lines, I know. That doesn’t change how I feel though. Working 12 hour shifts, followed by 10 hour shifts = not fun. Yesterday I worked from 8:30 to 7:30, Today 8:30 – 8:30 tomorrow 8:30 – 7:30. I feel like I don’t ever get to go on a real vacation. Yes, last weekend we went to Oregon, to say goodbye to Ellee May ( 😦 I’m still not ready to let go of her.) and to see family of course. But that’s not a real vacation. Not a real break. I doubt one will happen anytime soon. Especially once school starts back up. I LOVE my job, I love just about everything dealing with what I do, but that doesn’t change how I feel. sometimes I feel over-worked, and stressed. This week is one of those weeks. little to no breaks or days off, and the time I do have off theres no one to hang out with or do anything with 😦

I’ll get over it. I always do.

P.S. Title = a Quote from my youngest nephew last weekend at a basketball game hahahaha oh man. Oh also, that same little boy (he’s not so little now though) took this photo!

EDIT: After posting this entry, wordpress sent me the following video:

It was a nice surprise!