Weight loss, it’s not easy!


My last visit to the Dr. She mentioned I was “overweight” for my hight and body size. Now for anyone who reads my blog on a semi-regular basis, will probably know, it’s no secret I’m short. VERY short. 4’11”. So when I tell you I’m overweight, most people laugh at me and say “No, there is NO way thats true.” I want you to sit back and think about you, your height, and the “healthy” weight for your structure. Now take that, and downsize it to someone who is short. My petite frame can only handle so much. TMI part for any males, or females who don’t like to talk about personal stuff, I’m warning you all now :).

At my heaviest I’ve ever weighed, was 122lbs. But 122lbs on a petite 4’11 frame is hard on my knees, and other joints. My back kills me. “But where does she keep all that weight?” of course I have a little bit of a tummy, but most of my weight is in my chest.

In 4 years I went from a 32b, to a 34DD bra size. I am not even kidding you in the slightest. I wish I were. So what now? I’m working my little booty. Trying to lose the weight, though supposedly, your chest area is one of those that it’s rare to lose weight from…but I’m not going to give up just because of some small fact. I started running daily with Baby Sarah (She loves to sit in the stroller while I jog, somehow I lucked out there, because Drew haaaated it! Now that it’s summer I’ve started some other work out routines and have been eating healthier…or at least trying. Lets face it though, I’m still pretty lucky, 25 years old and can pretty much eat whatever I want, as long as I’m active my weight doesn’t fluctuate that much. Of course I’m not as lucky as @EverSoLightly or his younger sister, they’re Hollywood’s perfect weight, but I can’t really complain :D.

So, this is sorta an update, also a “hey guess what I’m going to be healthier!” post.  Are you trying to be healthier too? let me know! We can work together at reaching our personal goals!