A little behind…

Sorry I haven’t updated in a couple days, life got a little busy and I was a little lazy. Have no fear though, I’m here with an update!!!


Wednesday – my photo for Wednesday is a photo of our dinner. Mitchell and I decided to make BLTA’s for dinner one night… except I forgot to buy lettuce — so we bad BTAs. Though it was lacking in lettuce it was pretty darn tasty. — we just added extra avocado. One thing I would change, is the bacon — I bought the lean healthier bacon and it had 0 flavor… It was really disappointing.

Yesterday, we had Breakfast for dinner — I took a photo of it too, but thats not the photo I’m going to use for yesterday’s photo a day.


I chose this photo to represent yesterday — It’s of my wonderful sweet little miss. She has a summer birthday so her school celebrates her half birthday. Yesterday was her day to celebrate being 4½ and I think she enjoyed it very much. She wore the dress I gave her for Christmas, and they made her a crown and everything. How cute is she?!


I’ve been using the TimeHop app for a few years now, and it’s fun… though sometimes – like the day after Archie passed away, its tough to look back… (that particular day was very Archie heavy as far as old posts go…) Well today was a wonderful day to look back on. 8 Years ago today I had quite the adventure with a friend of mine. It included the craziest weather day, realizing our umbrellas were not built for windy snow/rain days… going to the Portland City Grill soaking wet, in jeans and concert attire — I still to this day cannot believe they even let us in the door. We ordered Fries and cookies and drew on the (paper) table cloth. This particular night I got peed on by a complete stranger, but best of all, we managed to talk ourselves into being let on stage the next night at the next show.  Good times. Here are some photos from that night:

Gabe from Cobra Starship singing. We were front row, but being front row at a Cobra Starship show wasn't that hard back then :)

Gabe from Cobra Starship singing. We were front row, but being front row at a Cobra Starship show wasn’t that hard back then 🙂


Christy and I waiting for the concert to start… This was after the weather calmed down and we were able to fix our hair and makeup in the bathroom. Look at our babyfaces! I was 19, Christy was 22 🙂


This was before the concert, we made friends with these girls, and gave them freshly baked cookies, and coffee in exchange for holding our place in line while we went and bought stuff for the show/ate.


After the show we snagged Gabe from Cobra Starship. Here he is talking on my phone to a friend. Can we laugh at how dated that phone makes this picture look? This was about the time we convinced him to let us do the snakes on a plane rap on stage. I’d spend the next 20 hours memorizing it word for word… only to promptly forget part of it while we were on stage haha.


We doodled on the table cloth at the Portland City grill, one of the doodles was the rap from Snakes on a Plane…


More of our tablecloth doodles… How to draw a Starship and a cobra…


The view from our table at the Portland City Grill. The Roseland theater below.

Just wait until tomorrow’s timehop… The video of us rapping! hahaha.