Post 1.

Warning to all of my follwers, your inboxes may fill up with posts from me today, I am SORRY! I have been meaning to post several things, and today is my last chance, I may not get the opportunity to post again until next week, and by that point I’ll forget 😦

On that note, welcome to the 50, yes 50! New followers. I’m so happy you like what you’ve seen at one point or another! So welcome.

Next, I have a few more pieces of art to show off, I’m still a bit rusty, but getting a LOT better!

First, we have that Narwhal, drawn for my friend, Carla, and my boyfriend, EverSolightly (Link to the right.)

Now, that is (obviously) Alice, drawn for Carla.

Finn, Jake and Beemo 🙂

Mamma and Baby Narwhal with their friend Zoidberg. lol.

Alice background for Carla.

These next few I drew for EverSoLighty: