I missed last monday, but will make it up by posting two today!

WIDLM 1: You know how on occasion you plan to hang out with a friend, and they specifically state “just the two of us” and for the sake of today’s example we’ll say you two had planned to go to a movie. You meet up at a designated time, and get in line for your movie. Your friend constantly checks their phone and is constantly texting. You get in the theater and they’ve said, like 10 things to you. All of a sudden they stand up, and in walk 4 of their friends. They jump up and down, introduce you to their new friends, and spend the rest of the time chatting with them completely ignoring you. I think it’s completely rude. If you want to go to a movie with a group of friends thats one thing, but don’t tell someone it’s just the two of you only to invite others and ignore the person you invited originally.

WIDLM 2: Silly complaint today. haha. EverSoLightly and I went to GameStop the other day and bought a second controller for our PS3, for those of you who don’t know anything about a PS3, the controllers are wireless, and unlike the WII you don’t need to change the batteries. You plug it into the cord it comes with, which you plug into the PS3 (its a USB plug so I assume you could plug it into a computer, someone’ll correct me if i’m wrong i’m sure.) My new controller did NOT come with a cord. So my question is, what if we had LOST our cord? I’m sure it’s some ploy to earn more money, you buy the cord separately.  😦