26…yes. 26.

Yesterday (August 2) was my birthday. My mom and Nieces are in town and that is amazing all in its own, but the fact that they were here for my birthday just makes everything that much better. I only get to see them once a year, and so though the time is amazing, we are constantly dreading the goodbyes. We had originally planned a birthday party for me, but only 1 person said they could come, and then my family decided to stay one extra night…so I put it off. At this rate, it probably won’t happen at all but it’s okay because my two favorite girls are here, and thats all I need. 

On a side note, it amazes me how no matter what, no matter how hard you work, and how much you try some people will never notice or care about you. Not in the way you’d like. 

It’s been almost 5 years and for some reason I still strive to make 4 people happy. I try to include them in our lives, we celebrate holidays and birthdays with them, we invite them over for dinner and games and pay for everything… we invite them to do fun activities with us (like canoeing) and yet… they can never take the time out of their “busy” life to invite us to anything, reply to texts or even care about what is going on with us. 

I think this is the most awful and most stressful feeling ever. I cannot and will not ever understand how or why you’d be able or want to do that to someone in your family and someone who means the world to them. But I can tell you from this end, I’ve shed far too many tears, I’ve stressed to much and I need to stop. 

I would DIE if my family acted like that. I’d call them out, and point out their errors and hypocrisy(did i spell that right?) I would never let them get away with it, but I also know that that would NEVER happen.

I guess the point to that rant was simply to get it off my chest. Sometimes I wish I didn’t care…. sometimes I wish it didn’t matter but it does.

Also, I love having my family here. I have an amazing beautiful and wonderful family. I couldn’t be luckier in that department of my life! 


I will always need my Mamma.

It’s no secret that I’m the youngest in my family. 3 older brothers (2 of which I hardly see) and an older sister. Closest sibling in age, is 10 years older than me. My dad was mostly non-existant and is now completely non-existant. Most of my life has been spent just me and my mom. Even when Lou was around, we still spent most of our time together.



I’ll always have a special bond with my mom. She’s wonderful. The greatest mom ever. I really don’t know what I’d ever do without her.

She came to visit this weekend, arrived on Thursday and left today. We watched movies, ate delicious food, went to the mall, ate even more delicious food, took a fantastic walk with EverSoLightly at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens… We went to Target, we basically had a wonderful weekend. As I sit here on my couch eating some yummy leftover Brie, Bread and Fig “Compote” I can’t help but miss her so much! I miss sharing the couch with her, I miss her commentary, I miss her talking through the movie or show and then asking to re-wind it. I miss my mommy!

Photos from this weekend: (All photos taken with my iPhone 4s. Some of the photos quality is a bit dodgy haha.)

All photos were taken by me, as silly as it sounds, please do NOT use them on your own site, facebook, tumblr, pinterest, instagram, google+, blog, myspace, ANYWHERE without asking. If you like the flowers, the Bellevue Botanical Gardens are free to everyone, and are located in Downtown Bellevue Washington.



Just a slow day in WA!

9:44am. Little Miss is still asleep. The boys are playing Skylander(?) on the WII. I think we’ll have a SLOW do nothing day today. Probably let the boys play Wii for longer, until some of the neighbor kids come out to play. Both boys cried this AM when they realized the girls were gone. Made me cry. I cried myself to sleep last night. I swear, something must be wrong with me! I just miss them so much!!

This week I have:

Driven to Oregon, Gave hugs to two SUPER TALL girls.

Went to the Beaverton farmer’s Market

Went swimming

Had a b-day party
Drove to Seattle (forever longest drive ever)
Ate Hot-Dogs, let the kids relax and watch TV (Big Time Rush is a strange show, as is Ally and Austin.)
Went to work

Took all 5 kids to the mall
Bought flip flops at old Navy
Came back
Made lunch
Invited Neighbor boy, Jake, over

Took kids to the Lake Washington Waterfront (Kirkland) (6 kids! 1 me!)
Played at lake for a couple hours
Came back, let kids have a water fight
Made snack
Played till work was over
Had Hamburgers and salad for dinner
Watched more TV and relaxed
Went to work,
Took kids to mall (5 kids this time)

Went to the American Girl store

Went to Game-stop
Went to Disney Store, and I bought the girls’ dad a mug for his bday
Had lunch at mall
Came home
Had squirt gun fight and played in sprinkler
Mom came
Had frozen Yogurt
Watched Sharpe’s fantastic adventure or w/e
Watched 1 episode of H2O
Went to work
Drew Happy Birthday Kieran signs

Went to beach again this time 5 kids and my mom!
Had lunch (Potbelly)
went to post office
Went to safeway
Kids played in sprinklers/on slip n slide
Water Gun fight
Tears, goodbyes from all the kids to each other
I took a shower in hopes to gain control of my sadness

Hair braided

Hung out, took photos

Frozen Yogurt

Said final goodbyes, LOTS of crying, Lots of heartache
I had dreams that they came back today and stayed another week. It was really depressing to wake up and realize it was a dream.

I do have to say the first half of this week ROCKED! Can’t wait to see what the rest of summer has in store!