Vegan foods and a .com?!


While we were in Colorado visiting Lauren we ate a little healthier than we normally do. Actually, during our entire stay, we only had a couple meals that weren’t vegetarian. Since we’ve been back 90% of our meals that I’ve made here at home have been vegetarian. For no reason other than it’s easy, cheaper, and healthy. We aren’t big meat eaters, so it really isn’t that big of a change.

Tonight, I decided to experiment a little. I made a vegan pasta dish with meatless “meat” and it turned out amazing.


The only thing Mitchell noticed was the noodles not being the “normal” noodle. These were pretty good in my opinion! I used the brand Ancient Harvest, and their pasta was on sale, so I only paid $2.50 for the box, which for gluten free is super cheap! I probably should have grabbed a couple other boxes, but I wasn’t sure how the texture would be. Really truly there wasn’t much difference, though I know picky people would notice the difference.

Next, I used the Smart Ground Original. This stuff,  was SO delicious! The texture was spot on, and it added great flavor. I will definitely be buying their products again!


first I boiled the noodles, and strained them. Sat them aside. Then, I sautéd the meat with some garlic, and spinach,  once it was heated and the spinach had the right amount of wilting, I added the sauce, You can use whatever pasta sauce you prefer, mine was just a classic tomato sauce. heat, add the noodles and voila! Ready to consume!



Oops! I forgot to add, you can now locate my blog by visiting therealkk.com!


You’re a weak infant spinner girl…

Hello fellow internet users. I would like to let all of you know that my “website” is up and running at full speed with a new beautiful layout decorated and made possible by yours truly. Please go check it out and leave your feedback on the contact page. Basically ALL the pages are up and running except the “home” page.  Also, I’ve uploaded new photos to the gallery 🙂 More coming soon too! So bookmark this link and check back for goodies! (This site is mainly for my close friends and family members, the rest of you may not find it very interesting 🙂 You may click HERE to visit the site, or go up to the “network” tab towards the top of this page, and you’ll find the link there!

In my last couple posts I mentioned some good times we’ve had celebrating my birthday and hanging out with friends. I’ve since discovered that recently (in the past year at least) Facebook is now allowing people to embed videos! YAY! Sooo what does that mean? Well for most of you nothing, but for people like my wonderful big brother, it means I can share some of the awesome videos I’ve mentioned! YAY…haha. I’ve posted them on the “stuff” page of the website mentioned in the above paragraph.

Last Sunday (a week ago yesterday) Mitchell and I went to the local mall with our semi-busy-non-existent roommate to bond like we use to. We stumbled across a (well what we thought) ordinary photobooth, which turned out to be a photobooth extraordinaire of the year 2010. I guess now days they include a “password” and website where you can ACTUALLY download your photos and watch a video of yourselves posing for each photo. Seems like they’re trying to make it worth the full $5.00 we paid, which is actually pretty dang cool if you ask me!! I went exploring on their website today and (obviously) watched our rather ridiculous video and downloaded the photos. I think we may have to go back again soon, its kinda fun to do random things like that!

Tomorrow we’re going to the beach with our friend Jessica, and I’m really looking forward to that, but in order to survive tomorrow I need sleep. So goodnight world. May you all be nice and cool, instead of roasting like we are 😦



I have a pretty long post that I’ve been working on a little bit here and there the last few days, but I just need to say something.

I seriously have the BEST brother in the world. Aside from the AWESOME and not so awesome ideas he had as a kid (Trying to fly out a window because you think you can fly is probably not on the list of AWESOME things :p) Deep down he is as genuine as one can get. Mitchell and I talk about him and his relationship with all three of his boys and both admit, he is the best father he could be, and those boys are very lucky.

Aside from being the best dad, and in my eyes, and in his children’s eyes, he’s also a fantastic son and brother. I wasn’t a very observant child, there is very little that I remember from my childhood…I don’t know why, I just think i was too busy enjoying life to stop and smell the roses and remember exactly what they smelled like. One thing I do remember is going to my brothers drama rehersal and watching them go through lines and scenes to plays. I remember having SO much fun doing something as simple as that…I am positive there were days when I annoyed the crap out of him, by being bored and complaining about it (though I don’t remember those moments 😛 I’m sure he might!) I still have this fond memory of going and watching him interact with his friends. I also remember going to his games…and not giving a flying monkey about his team, instead I played in the field with another kid. Even though I didn’t ever pay attention I did go to school and tell everyone how wonderful my brother was. We use to hang out with a family mom mom nannied for and I’d go over there and get in somewhat heated arguments with their youngest about who had the best older brother. Me. Or them. haha. I’m (as usual) straying form the topic a bit.  My brother has ALWAYS been there, for me, for my mother and for everyone else in our family.

I’ve learned so much watching him grow and change. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for his influence.

For those of you who don’t know, my family consists of my mom, two girls and my brother. I am the youngest…by 10 years. So our family wasn’t normal or typical in any way shape or form. My brother was out of the house before we were old enough to really do a whole lot together, but we still bonded. I remember getting SO excited when he would come visit, that I would squeal. Yes I would squeal with glee. I have very few memories (not because we didn’t spend time together but like i said before, I just didn’t stop and think “Hmm i need to remember this moment and cherish it.”) The few things I remember are great. I have memories of eating Apple Jacks with him (because mom wouldn’t allow sugar cereals unless they were mixed with cheerios or kix and that always ruined it for me!) I remember going miniture golfing with him (and the rest of the family) on my birthday. I remember going to disneyland and visiting him when he lived in the troutdale area. I remember visiting him at work when he worked at the Rheinlander. One thing about having J as my brother, I always felt like I was an equal. I rarely heard the words “You can’t do this” or “You’re not old enough.”

Short but to the point. My brother is better than yours :p

On another note. I’ve pretty much finshed something that has been in the works for AGES now (though this isn’t my first attempt at it…it’s the one I like the most!) I have created a website for my friends and family to view photos and keep in touch, since not everyone has facebook, and I know people like Q ant Ta both always ask for photos or videos of our times together, and I sure as hell don’t want those two near facebook….ever…. I needed somewhere neutral for everyone to visit. Somewhere clean and family friendly. You may view it by clicking the link below. I’ll be adding it to the links on the right hand side as well. Enjoy 🙂

The Real KK