Wedding Weekend – Tips and Advice – Part 2

View of the front of the lodge, taken on our final visit before the wedding.

Okay, so hopefully you’ve found your dream venue, and if your venue is anything like ours, you’re starting with a blank slate. A lot of work is ahead!

Our venue was just under 100 miles from where we live so we were limited on visits to measure, and plan out decor.

Make sure to take photos of anything and everything you might need to move.

I took a bunch of photos the two visits we made before choosing the venue, and spent a year using those to plan out a rough idea on how we were going to decorate. Then, two months before our wedding, we took a final trip up to the venue to truly measure and make sure everything would work as I envisioned it.

Make sure when you tour your venue, you discuss with whomever is in charge, what items you are allowed to move, and what is not allowed to move. As we walk through this you’ll see there were several items we couldn’t move, and so we had to improvise ways to include them in our decor.

Partial view from the deck

On our second visit to the venue, there was a family reunion being set up, and they had all the tables on the back deck, overlooking the property. I fell in love with this idea, and we honestly planned our wedding guest count around how many people could fit on the deck. Make sure, when you’re planning, to find out how many people can safely fit in your intended area.

I brought my fiancé, one of his best men, and my Matron of Honor to help us measure and plan everything out. Make sure you have a team of reliable and honest people to help you plan. There were some ideas I had that needed some guidance on. There were some problems that needed another set of eyes to help trouble shoot, and having the four of us together really helped us brainstorm and solve the possible issues at hand.

In this post, I’m going to discuss how we transformed the room in the photos above, into the perfect dreamy reception space!

In our conversations with the owner, I made sure to take notes of some very important details that we needed to remember. I’ll include them below, just so you can have an idea what we were working with.

  • The rug inside the “big room” (room photographed above) cannot have food, or shoes on it. In order to have our reception in the room we would need to roll up the rugs, and the mats underneath and find a safe space for them. Owner warned us, they were very heavy and almost impossible to move
  • Speakers cannot be moved, and must remain in their same spots
  • Yoga ball rack cannot be moved, and must remain in spot
  • Anything we move, needs to be returned to exact same spot it was found
  • We can use any of the tables or chairs

We immediately sat down on the floor in the “big room” and measured everything. We measured the size of the room, length of the flags hanging from the ceiling , because though they were cute, they did not match our mint green and yellow wedding.

We measured the speakers, yoga ball holder, and mantle with the tapestry piece hanging.

For this room specifically, we knew we wanted to build something to cover the yoga balls, and the TV hiding behind the tapestry. My vision was to turn the yoga ball area into our photo booth (which was our guestbook.) My MOH offered to build frames out of PVC Pipe. I’ll post our how-to in another post, so look out for that!

I drew out a replica for the space, and we planned out where everything would go.

Above, you can see how I drew out the room. The room measurements were 33.10 feet wide by 44.7 feet long. Each square = 2 feet. I cut out minature versions of each of the tables, and made a rough estimate on where things would be. This came in handy the weekend of the wedding because all everyone had to do was look at the diagram and know where things would go.

When planning out your space, I highly recommend taking the time to do this. Draw your space out on some graph paper, and plan out where things will go. That way the day of your wedding you can delegate the task to someone, and be confident the task will turn out ask you had hoped.

I’m going to end this post here, and continue our next post with what decorations we chose for this space!

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DIY Wedding Save the Dates

Shortly after we got engaged, Mitchell and I sat down and looked around on pinterest, and found some save the date styles we liked. Origionally we had planned to DIY our save the dates AND invites, but we had a family friend offer to hand paint our invites for us, so in the end we only had to DIY our Save the dates.

Close up of the finished product

Just for fun, we hired Points of Measure to create a logo for our wedding. We sent her a photo of our invites and some wedding logos we had found on Pinterest and she worked her magic. When we first got the logo, we weren’t sure if we were going to still DIY our own save the dates or not, originally we had intended to use the logo for our website, and registry.

A few weeks later, Mitchell and I were talking and decided we’d see if we could find someone to turn the logo into a stamp, that we could then use on our thank you’s, and wedding favors and such. I searched high and low, and ultimately found TailorMadeStamps on Etsy.

Our cat, Kitten, showing off all the wood rounds after we glued magnets to them.

The stamp arrived and was just as we had hoped! It was then that we thought it would be perfect for our save the dates we had dreamt up! I went out to the local craft stores and big name stores and looked for some wood rounds that we liked and could use. Coudn’t find any that fit our feel, so I took my search Amazon, and found these. We ordered the amount we needed, and found some magnets we could attach to them.

Mitchell and I spent one evening stamping each wood round, and hot glueing the magnets to the back of them.

The next step to our DIY magnet save the dates was to find a way to transport them, and include a little more info. We went out and bought 140 pound watercolor paper (we ordered this one from amazon) and a kids watercolor paint set that had our wedding colors on it. This is the exact one we bought. We sat down on the floor of the craft room, and painted away.

Mitchell painting one of the papers

The painting part is all about your preference. We wanted light and sweet. Next, I went into photoshop and designed a what we wanted the papers to say. I’ll attach a screenshot of what I designed below. I used photoshop, but I’m sure you could create something in Word if you needed to.

After letting the paper dry overnight, I came back and cut the paper down to a size that would fit in the printer, and printed two save the dates per sheet. Once out of the printer (and dry) I cut them down to the proper size.

cut down to size

It took some trouble shooting, but we figured out the best way to adhere the magnets to the paper was to use some magnetic strip. I bought this kind, but I’m sure any would work. Once you’re done, it should look something like the photos below.

Supplies needed:

  • Wood Rounds
  • Custom made Stamp
  • Magnets
  • 140 lb Watercolor paper
  • Watercolor
  • Paintbrush
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Printer
  • Paper Cutter
  • Paint Brush
  • Water
  • Magnetic Tape
  • Envelopes
  • Postage

Steps Needed

  1. Stamp wood rounds
  2. Hot Glue magnets to back, and let dry overnight
  3. Watercolor your paper and let dry overnight
  4. Cut paper to fit into printer
  5. Print something for your guests, I suggest “Put me on your fridge” or something similar.
  6. Cut sheets to fit in your envelopes
  7. Attach a small piece of Magnetic tape to center of paper
  8. Attach your magnet to the magnetic tape
  9. Stuff into envelopes
  10. Mail out

Wedding Weekend – Tips and advice – part 1

So as some of you may know, after 10.5 years of being together, my S/O and I finally decided to get married! We had a moderately long engagement (a year and a half) which gave me plenty, or perhaps too much time to plan everything out.

I was never one of those girls that dreamed about her wedding day, so I went into this completely unsure what I wanted to do with everything. My (then) Fiancé and I sat down, picked colors, and talked about what kind of location we wanted for our wedding.

The number one thing we both agreed on, we wanted somewhere where our Family and wedding party could stay with us for the weekend.

The hunt started, and I found an amazing place on AirB&B. Affordable and we were able to rent out the entire lodge for the wedding.

Immediately we visited the location and toured it. We fell in love almost instantly. The views were stunning, owner was kind, and the property was well cared for.

Some tips for those looking for a smaller private venue:

  • Make sure you plan a budget first. Know how much you’re able and willing to spend on a venue
  • Find one that allows weddings, if you search AirB&B on your computer browser, there is an option for places that allow events
  • Make sure the venue can handle the capacity
  • Tour the venue more than once if possible. We toured ours twice before putting a deposit down.
  • Look at reviews, and let them help you decide
  • Bring more than just yourself and your Fiance’ to tour the venue. We brought along his older sister, my MOH and one of his Best Men the first visit, and the second we brought our moms.
  • Be prepared that no location will please everyone. We had some people unsure about our venue, and even guests who said they visited the website and just weren’t sure how we’d be able to pull it off, and then were FLOORED to see how beautiful it turned out.

Some Questions to ask when touring your venue:

  1. How much will it cost to have XX people stay?
  2. Will it cost extra to have the wedding on site?
  3. Do we have to use a specific caterer?
  4. Do we have to use a specific table Bar-tender? DJ?
  5. Are Tables and chairs included in rental?
  6. Is parking for wedding guests included?
  7. Does the venue have a tent for parties?
  8. What is expected of guests renting the space
  9. What type of decor is allowed?
  10. Are departure celebrations allowed? (IE Sparklers, bird seed being tossed, flower petals…)
  11. Is there a quiet time?
  12. Are bathrooms included, or will you need a porta-potty? We got lucky, ours included 2 porta-potties.
  13. Are there areas guests cant go into? For example, we had guests let themselves into the Goat enclosure, even though we were told no one was allowed, I guess some guests thought they didn’t need to follow that rule. We also had guests enter the lodge, that was off limits (and had signs all over) and help themselves to Truly, and other food provided by our wedding party and crew helping us. Be ready to deal with these, and find out what areas are 100% off limits. I didn’t find out about most of these issues until after the wedding, and people started posting videos and photos to social media. Be prepared for extra charges in the event that people don’t follow the rules.
  14. Do you need to pack out your own garbage and recycling? We packed out all our own recycling, which saved a ton of space in their dumpster, and prevented a bunch of stuff from going to the landfil

Next post, I’ll talk about how we used the space at the Lodge we rented, and how we chose where the ceremony was vs the reception!