This past weekend EverSoLightly  and I decided for some crazy reason to weigh ourselves and see where we were at. To both of our horror, we’ve realized that we’ve put on a bit of weight. I, weigh the most I’ve ever weighed in my 24 years of life. For anyone that knows me, I’m small. I’m 4’11” and until I hit 18 I weighed 98 pounds at most. When I was 19 I met my friend, Nadia. Nadia’s mom knows how to cook. She cooks some of the most amazing dishes I have ever had. Introducing me to all sorts of new foods and dishes, meant that I had re-developed my love for food. Here I am several years later, and my appetite has grown. Craving Indian food, Chinese food, and of course, the good old all American standby, burgers and fries. Last night after eating a DELICIOUS burger from Five Guys, Burgers and Fries in the Overlake/Crossroads area I decided I could not risk gaining anymore weight. As of right now you can’t really tell that I weigh 122lbs, for the most part I look the same, but I don’t feel the same. One of EverSoLightly’s bigest complaints was that we weren’t as active this summer as we usually are. We couldn’t really figure out why, but now I realize its clearly our diet. We get delivery from Full Circle every week, we, for the most part eat everything that comes with our delivery, especially now that we’ve cut back in size. Starting today, I’ve decided we’re going to cut back on snacking, cut back on boxed or frozen goods, and only eat fresh. I’m going to take a jog every morning now, and if I cant squeeze it in before work, it’ll happen during lunch every day. We’ve discovered these really good drinks, called Neuro. We found them at a cute little local market called “Your local market.” They sell them at a few other stores in our area, including Safeway, QFC and a few others. I’m really bad at taking vitamins, and I live in Seattle so Vitamin D is a rare thing out here. These drinks help me get those valuable vitamins in AND they’re delicious. I’ve added them into my daily routine (one a day, on some occasions, two haha!) I’m going to be eating one salad a day (lunch) and sometimes for dinner too. I’ve come up with a menu for some “Splurge” meals (all dinners) that will help make this seem less…dull 🙂

5th: Curry Chicken
11th: Chili & Corn Bread
12th: Creamy Chicken Pockets
18th: Chicken Noodle Soup
19th: Beef Stew & biscuits (or something)

2nd: Chicken with Apricot sauce
8th: Mac & cheese
9th: BBQ Beef Casserole
15th: Hash brown Casserole
16th: Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas
23rd: Chinese Sundays

So now I want YOUR help. Anyone have any delicious and very HEALTHY meals I can make in between those not-so healthy fun meals? I could use some new ideas! Also, don’t worry, I’ll try and share some of those recipes!